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December 1, 2009 Design  No comments

Many times when I begin to design a project, I start out with a pre-conceived image in my head of what I should end up with.  Before I ever put pencil to paper to create an initial sketch, I have already locked myself in to a particular look or style.  Sometimes this is not a problem because the idea in my head is easily translated to paper and is a very nice design.

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November 24, 2009 AboutNew Woodworker  2 comments

When I first began woodworking, back in the late 1990’s, Norm Abram’s “The New Yankee Workshop” was by far the most popular woodworking show on television.  Once I discovered the show, I couldn’t get enough of it.  Here was this regular joe, (ok, regular Norm) making such beautiful projects that almost anyone would want in their home.   And Norm made it look sooo easy!  Of course, nothing is as easy as it looks on television.  But that didn’t matter because I had been bitten by the “I can build that….” bug.  

Actually, my love of woodworking goes back a bit furt...

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Unfinished Projects

November 16, 2009 ProjectsWorkshop  No comments

I finally found a couple of hours this weekend to cleanup my garage/workshop.  It had been slowly becoming a disorganized mess over the last few months.  I haven’t had enough time to start a real project, so most of the work done in the shop had been quick little fix-it or modify-it type of work.  


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Bent Lamination Fishing Net

November 13, 2009 Projects  One comment

Net1This is a fishing net I made several years ago.  I made it from plans out of the June 2001 issue of Wood Magazine.

The frame for this net made out of laminated Walnut and White Ash. The inlaid fish is also made out of Walnut. The plan called for 3/32″ thick strips, but mine were closer to 1/8″.

I made an M...

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Woodworking and Art

October 6, 2009 Blog  One comment

Sometimes woodworking and art become one.  Sometimes they are two very separate things.  Woodworking, I think, is always a skill or craft.  But how often does it actually become art?  Where is the line that a wood project crosses in order for it to become art?

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